OTT Crafters are a bunch of passionate food makers with the ability to turn raw supplies into plates of magical goodness.


They work with the sole objective to entice you the moment you set eyes on their delightful creation, and promise to leave you with nothing less than a highly gratifying experience for your taste buds.


OTT baristas have a great dedication to dose, tamp, pull and steam the perfect cup of coffee that is guaranteed to make your day. They embody a coffee conviction that is characterized in every cup that we place on your table.

It is not just about the beans or the perfectly symmetrical art; it about the love that has been poured into it.


We all start as strangers, but with a honest smile or a simple hello, we easily stir up a litte warmth in the hearts of others.


This is the mantra we hold closely to our hearts as we welcome you to celebrate your happiness with us. At the end of the day, we hope you leave with less strangers in your life, and more new friendships.

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